Mesh Alpha Lashes @ Izzie’s

I’ve hardly ever worn prim or mesh lashes because I have a hard time making them fit. Instead I’ve used tattoo layer lashes (or even worse, no lashes) – until now. Izzie’s is offering mesh lashes for the current round of the MIX Event.

They cost 279 L$. At first I thought that was a little expensive for a pair of mesh lashes, but then I took a closer look and realized that they come with a HUD that lets you combine eight upper lash and five lower lash textures.

So you really get 40 pairs of lashes for that price which is quite a bargain. A demo is also available. A system eyelash remover is also part of the package.

I still had a hard time fitting the lashes (and I’m not sure if I managed it perfectly, I’m clumsy when it comes to such things), but I liked the lashes too much to not give it a try.

I’m wearing Izzie’s mesh lashes in the picture above. In the picture below the SLURL you can see my avatar without lashes. Quite a difference, isn’t it?

Teleport to Izzie’s!


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