Look of the Day

I usually try to show my outfits from different angles, but it didn’t work this time. The skirt from Foxes either looked weird or stuck through my top, no matter which onw of my limited selection of back poses I used. Theoretically I could have just used one picture of my avatar and one pose in that case, but my avatar would have looked lost on my wide screen, so I decided to use three pictures of her with three slightly different poses. I hope you don’t mind.

I will look for more poses that show my avatar’s back to avoid such problems in the future and to add a little bit of variety to my Posts.

Skin: Ali VIP Skin (Pure) – Birdy (group gift)
Lipstick: from the Ali VIP SKin pack – Birdy (group gift)
Eyes: Daydream2 eyes (Lblue) – UMEBOSHI
Hair: Ella (Soft Caramel) – LaViere
Necklace: Magdalene Necklace (Ivory) – Kunglers
Top: Silk Tee (Black) – Color.Me.H.O.F
Skirt: Vintage Skirt (White) – Foxes (group gift)
Shoes: Favorite Leather Flats (Black) – mon tissu


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