Part Two

Hi, I’m Dakota!

I used to be a very active fashion blogger from 2007 to 2012 or so. I think I started blogging right after I signed up. Some of you might remember me, most of you probably don’t. I only logged in sporadically during the past three years and made one or two half hearted come back attempts.

Back when I was active Second Life was very different. There were casinos. People camped at so called camping chairs to earn a handful of L$. There were very few events besides Hair Fair and Skin Fair. Today the fashion scene seems to be centered around a lot of events that take place from anywhere between once a week and once a season. We had a lot of fashion shows though. I even participated in one as a model once. That was fun!

When I started playing Second Life we didn’t have Windlight, Mesh or even sculpties. In fact, Mesh had just started to become popular when I left. I’ve done a bit of shopping and looking around recently and am surprised how much better clothes look now!

I’ve thought for a long time about whether I want to start blogging again. The announcement of Sansar discouraged me somewhat as did the news that Third Party Linden exchanges would be shut down. I thought that Second Life would be closed soon and that I would have no way to buy new L$ as I don’t have a credit card.

I’ve found a solution that now, and after some research I have come to the conclusion that Second Life still has a bit of life left even though it may not have as many users as it used to have. I’ve always loved dressing my avatar up, and there is no game that has as many possibilities as Second Life.

I’ve tried The Sims (1,2,3,4), I’ve tried sites like Poupeegirl and Tinier Me (before they were shut down), but they bored me after a while. Second Life is so much more fun – and you can meet more interesting people on Second Life as well!

Another thing that made me decide to return to blogging was Gillian Waldman’s return. Her blog Deux Looks was my favourite fashion blog back when I was a newbie. I’ve looked at all of her new blog entries, and I think she’s become one of my favourite bloggers again! Check it out if you haven’t already. She looks great!


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