KOY @ Hair Fair

I also received a few hairs from KOY, a store that is new to me. I don’t particularly care for the “Mathilda” hair (pictured right). I just can’t think of a skin or outfit that would look good with it, but I love “Lana” (middle) and “Dormer” (left) that is obviously inspired by a certain actress from “Game of Thrones”. This particular package included an SLURL, so without further ado:

Taxi to KOY @ Hair Fair

ploom @ Hair Fair

Hair Fair Begins tomorrow! Helyanwe Vindaloo of ploom sent me her creations. The hairs are all mesh and come in a large and small size and different color packs with a HUD. Their names are (from left to right) Pickle, Plasma, Carrie (my favourite) and Honey. Unfortunately I don’t have the SLURL yet, but I will edit this post as soon as it’s available.

7 Years

I’ve just realized that I’ve been in Second Life – and blogging! – for 7 years now. I started my first blog – that I’ve deleted since then – in mid-2007, shortly after joining Second Life. Before that I had been making photos of my Sims, but disliked how limited The Sims was in terms of customising your avatar. You could only wear one top and one bottom. When I discovered Second Life I was amazed. I never really cared about chatting with random strangers, virtual sex or gambling (gambling was really big when I started), I just wanted to build stuff and change my avatar’s appearance.

Here is one picture for each year I’ve been blogging so that you can see how much my avatar has changed. She looked really terrible in 2007 (those hips!)  and 2008 (her shoulders are wider than her hips!), but I still find the picture from 2009 okay today.









Cheap Dresses

Today I looked for cheap dresses on the marketplace. Seeing as Hair Fair is coming up, I don’t want to spend too much money right now. Here are three dresses that I particularly liked. I’m also wearing my new hair from Analog Dog and the current group gift skin from Lara Hurley.

My Dresses:
Left: Group Gift – Mesh Dress – VCM (0L$)
Middle: Frida – Pirate Dress – Lady in Red (0L$)
Right: Autumn Night Casual Dress – Coquet (5L$)

LG @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room

I visited the Cosmopolitan Sales Room the other day and bought this outfit from LG. For 75 L$ you get a mesh dress and a jacket – in three colours and a couple of different sizes. What I especially love about LG are their demos. A lot of designers have demos in strange colours or with the word “demo” all over, so it’s hard to tell if the Piece of clothing in question will really suit your avatar. LG has demos that look just like normal clothes – except that they contain a script so that the demo is automatically removed after five minutes. If you can’t decide whether you want to buy something within five minutes though, you can just open the package again and try on a new demo!

~ Teleport to Cosmopolitan Sales Room ~

Aitui @ The 100 Block


I visited the The 100 Block event again today and bought the Starstruck tops from Aitui, one of my favourite stores as far as men’s clothing is concerned. At 100 L$ per pack that contains two tops they were cheaper than the things in Aitui’s mainstore. I’m wearing Grey+Black and Red+Black. The Starstruck tops are mesh and come in a couple of different sizes.

~ Taxi to The 100 Block ~

Collabor 88 & Magic of Oz Easter Egg Hunt

I did the Magic of Oz Easter Egg Hunt today and got this dress from Katatonik. I also checked out the current round of Collabor88 and bought a new skin from Glam Affair for Girl-Dakota. While I was there, another resident IMed me and complimented me on my avatar (who was wearing the dress from Katatonik). This hasn’t happened to me in a while – probably because my avatar is usually wearing a random collection of demos or mesh clothing without the corresponding alpha and generally looks insane rather than like a fashionable fashion blogger.

~ Teleport to Magic of Oz Easter Egg Hunt ~

~ Teleport to Collabor88 ~